ZIMM invests in healthcare

At ZIMM safety at workplace is of paramount importance. In this respect also medical screening and workplace arrangement play a vital role in being able in optimal case to eliminate health related risk factors. Thanks to our company physician – who is at the same time the head of the Centre of Occupational Medicine in Voralberg – our company is at the forefront of the latest development in the area. In order to implement like measures for the improvement of work conditions also in other companies, she organised a training course for aspiring general practitioners to inform them on all issues of occupational healthcare. These among others include early detection of improper strain at the workplace, workplace analysis and creative problem-solving ideas. Interesting presentations on this subject were held after the company presentation and ensuing tour of the company conducted by Gunther Zimmermann.

“We are happy that ZIMM takes over a leading role in the field of Health and Safety at the workplace and that we are able to offer our premises to carry out this important event. Besides, we hope we are able to offer our employees optimal working environment also for the future, with emphasis on both health and safety at work“, commented the management of ZIMM.

We wish the prospective internship doctors continued success in their future education.