Visit of FH - Vorarlberg_2018
Visit of FH - Vorarlberg_2018
Visit of FH - Vorarlberg_2018
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On Thursday 19th November we had an opportunity to welcome a class from the Technical College in Dornbirn specialised in “Automation”. It all started with the presentation of our company in order to inform students about our history and diverse fields of application. We continued with a round trip on our premises. The aim was to explain to students the way from order through the production and up to the final delivery of ZIMM product. As for the fabrication area, our whirling machine was the focus of special attention.

“Thanks to this investment it is possible to fabricate spindles and trapezoidal screw drives having the diameter of 40 mm up to 160 mm and up to the length of 6200 mm by means of so-called ‘whirling technology’”, informs Ramazan Karababa – the head of back office at the sales section in ZIMM.

Finally the route led us to the test bench where the tests could be performed in compliance with the requirements with the accuracy of up to 1 μm (=0.001 mm). We sincerely thank all students for the interest they have shown and wish them further good luck and success in their studies.


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