Realising the objective in only 3 minutes

ZIMM introduces a new product configurator for screw jack systems. This enables the designer to receive the desired 3D-CAD data available within a very short time and with just a few mouse clicks – simply, quickly and conveniently by email.

ZIMM is one of the world’s leading suppliers of screw jacks whose registered office is located in Lustenau (Austria). The family business focuses strongly on quality, outstanding products and is represented in a wide variety of sectors, or rather, wherever precise lifting, lowering, swivelling and positioning of loads is required. By means of the comprehensive ZIMM Screw Jack Modular Design System, loads of up to 100 tons can be moved precisely. The modular-designed ZIMM program is designed in such a way that, depending on the application, the right lifting gear with numerous accessories can be put together in a fast and straightforward manner. 13 sizes in fast and slow gear ratios from 2 kN to 1000 kN, trapezoidal or ball screw spindles, motors, couplings and lots more are available to be sensibly selected for the respective application. In order to make this compilation even easier, ZIMM has developed the product configurator.

“The most common CAD platforms offer interesting tools and options, but they are simply too rigid and inflexible. Our approach to programming the configurator was to provide our customers with a tool that would be designed as simple and intuitive as possible. For this, we use a lot of images and only some text, in order to ensure that the designer is able to realise the objective in a fast and easy manner”, says Rainer F., designer at ZIMM.

ZIMM Configurator

With the unique product configurator, Z and GSZ series of the screw jacks can be selected by mouse click in a simple, fast and convenient manner. In this context, the designer selects the desired gearbox, size, attachment parts, etc. and subsequently receives the requested data sent by email. The most common 3D CAD formats, a 2D DWG format and a 3D PDF format is available to be viewed immediately. This allows the designer to view the component quickly and easily on any computer – even without having the CAD program installed.

“The designer is not provided with a “stupid” volume model from us, but a complete parts list in which all components are listed individually. In this way, he can really work with the 3D CAD files and, if necessary, make any changes. He is even able to design complete jacking systems, consisting of several lifting gears, connecting elements and bevel gears online“, explains Rainer F.

Intuitive, fast and flexible

The configurator is designed in such a way that no programming knowledge is required. For example, if you move the mouse over a specific button, tooltips are displayed to the operator as an aid – in addition to the integrated help function. Furthermore, the configurator continuously performs a plausibility check in the background. This means that if the designer makes a mistake, he immediately gets an indication that this combination is not possible and the field will be highlighted in red.

“The configurator not only checks the compilation, but also updates it independently. If, for example, a limit switch is selected, the program automatically activates all the other components which are required in this context, or if the designer selects a ball joint head, for instance, a rotation lock is also automatically selected, as this is mandatory” according to Rainer F.

Also, the collision of components – as with the combination hand wheel with bearing block set – is prevented because they cannot be selected together.


By means of the ZIMM product configurator, the designer is able to generate his 3D CAD data in a fast and easily manner and integrate them conveniently into his design.

“With our configurator, we have a unique selling point in the market. Comparable systems do neither offer the scope nor the comfort. By using our system, it is possible to completely generate a complete drive with a lot of options. In the future, it will also be possible to download complete units as a complete system. Now, it takes me only approximately 3 minutes until I configured everything, while in the past, I had to spend between half day and full day for it. This time advantage is unique and currently, there is nothing comparable on the market,” Peter G., Sales Manager at ZIMM concludes.

The configurator is available in German and English. Once it is registered on ZIMM’s homepage, it can be used free of charge.