Project Management Training at ZIMM

Organisations and companies must deal with dynamic changes and modifications of requirements in an ever-increasing manner. This results in the growing importance of the ability to act with a forethought and in a flexible way. This is why a training course by Rainalter Consulting focused on “Managing Projects with System” took place at ZIMM from the end of March to the beginning of April. Besides the clear definition and demarcation of a project, overview of methods and tools, a practical example was also on the agenda. This was finally implemented at ZIMM intranet as a template for further projects.

“As for me – from the area of “Production planning”, seeing that the simple tools have noticeable impact on the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of projects was of particular interest in this course. Also, the introduction of practical example on the intranet surely helps me further to be able to accelerate and monitor the intradisciplinary cooperation in our company even better,” says Martin Hollenstein | Production planning at ZIMM.