Longevity by Good Lubrication

“Time is money”, claims a well-known proverb. This is the exact reason why so many fabricators are nowadays running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. To withstand this extreme workload, all gearboxes have to be lubricated after certain number of hours in operation.

In order to spread the knowledge with respect to the choice of corresponding means of lubrication to our customers and sales partners in the best possible way, a training focused on this subject organised by the company Simatec AG took place on Monday, the 18th February. Besides such issues as “Permitted diameter of lubricator supply lines”, “Subsequent modification of operating period”, “Correct examination of gas cartridges with respect to functionality and durability”, the focus was among other topics also on “Grease consistency numbers of lubricators”.

“We are happy that with Simatec AG we have a supplier and a partner on our side which knows exactly whatever means and procedures of lubrication are necessary. The training has shown once again how important it is to keep all the involved departments up to date, beginning from sales up to the design department. Because this knowledge is of the highest priority, especially due to the increasing complexity of customers’ projects, in order to be able to guarantee long lifetimes of the machines.

With this in mind, I’d like to refer once more and explicitly to our handbook “Lubricants for screw jack gearboxes”. Besides the introduction “Lubricating correctly” you may also find there an overview of all lubricants, classified according to the individual gearbox types”, explains Ali Özkan | Quality assurance.