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Screw Jack Systems
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Inquiry checklist

Contact details

Road | Postcode | Town

1. Max. lifting force in kN

Installation axis

Type of load

2. Max. lift / travel

For short stroke applications
effecitve working stroke < gearbox height

3. Lifting speed

Lifting speed

4. Duty factor, work cycle, description of cycle

Duty factor per day

1 file with max. 1 MB
For high duty factors or long strokes please print, provide and upload the added checklist
or give a detailed description of the duty factor under point 11 Notes.

5. Type


Screw jack

6. Drive | Motor


7. Operating conditions

Operating conditions

If possible please provide an exact description or sketch under point 11 Notes.
Type of movement

8. Standard layouts

See standard layouts, checklist sheets 5 and 6 (for multi-jack systems)

9. Quantity

10. Schedule

11. Notes

for example detailed description of the work cycle for long duty factors, long strokes or special operating conditions
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