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Screw Jack Systems
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  • MA-Schulung | 2015-01
  • MA-Schulung | 2015-03
  • MA-Schulung | 2015-04

Education at ZIMM

ZIMM – Future with training

Knowledge and skills of our employees are the criteria for us to remain at the top in international competition in the future.

Persons continually improving their knowledge and abilities can also shape and influence their future. Own initiative and willingness to learn are just as important as a professional, coordinated training programme.

ZIMM the Brain Training Brochure

ZIMM the Brain

New employees should adapt quickly and acquire the required technical knowledge as fast as possible. The ZIMM the Brain programme helps ZIMM promote the ongoing training for all employees in order to secure jobs and further develop the company's competitive edge.

The world is continually changing.
Rigid methods and processes are no longer effective in the modern world.
We expect and encourage own initiative, personal responsibility as well as ongoing development of individual skills and talents to strengthen positive abilities, and develop creative and challenging working conditions.

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