Alea iacta est – ZIMM increases its presence in Italy

A sales conference of new Italian sales representatives took place from 6th till 7th November. Besides the product training and presentation of further development of our in-house product configurator the event was focused above all on the peculiarities of Italian market. Therefore, after a comprehensive analysis of competitors, an in-depth debate with the new colleagues followed with the aim to find the sales arguments in favour of ZIMM and to determine which strategies shall be pursued.

“With the help of new sales representatives we surely have the potential to enter the Italian market despite the home-grown competition of 13 companies. At any rate the objective is not only to bring the products to the market but also to convince the customers of the long-term advantage of our complete package”, says Peter Gridling – Head of Sales at ZIMM.

We certainly wish a lot of success to our new colleagues in their new challenges.