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Screw Jack Systems
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Trade fair MOTEK in Stuttgart | Review 2013

ZIMM presented many innovations at this year's MOTEK:

ZIMM presented many innovations at this year's MOTEK:


With a new image, we intend to underline the philosophy of always being able to offer creative and smart products and details for the very varied applications of screw jacks.

ZIMM Lubricating system

For long service lifetime and problem-free operation, not only are the choice of construction and the high quality of the product decisive, but correct maintenance and lubrication also make a contribution. This topic has now been taken up by us, who have drawn on our many years of experience with results from numerous practical tests in our own laboratories, in which special and proven grease and oil products were carefully selected and tested. To guarantee the right lubrication, we offer a detailed programme of lubricant and lubricator systems.
We are happy to inform you.

ZIMM Z series screw jackZIMM Screw jacks with ball screws up to 1000 kN

The highlight are our screw jacks with ball screws up to 1000 kN – with which it intends to offer the eagerly awaited alternative to high-precision hydraulic systems. The existing range has been extended considerably and can be supplied in both rotary and translating versions. This range is now available with spindle diameters between 16 and 160 mm, lift heights between 5 and 80 mm, and dynamic load rating up to 1000 kN at lifting speeds up to 125 mm/s.
Heavy loads can be moved via the new screw jacks with substantially smaller drives and reduced heat generation. Previous limits, such as lifting speed and working cycle, have now successfully been surpassed by a substantial factor. Stress on the whole installation is reduced by the lower torques and the service lifetime prolonged.

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